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112 days 6 hours until Green Dress Run 2015! ~///~> Mar-14-2015

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Nov 22nd 2014 +++-> Meet @ 3:00 away @ 3:30

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Three Inch King & Donkey Style

Run 1214 +++-> Tilles Park in South City

The “Three Donkey Inch Style King” Trail

So, you know how everyone has that day when they realize their full potential?  Ya know, it’s usually the kick-ass montage part of a feel-good movie.  Well, I can’t promise much in life, but I can promise you that if you hash Saturday, you will narrow down the number of days left until you live that day.  In the meantime, enjoy the downward spiral!

Being the hares, we were told that we may actually have to lay some sort of trail.  Apparently, people don’t get their cardio by glitter bombing cops in riot gear anymore.  So it appears we’re going to dodge rubber bullets and tear gas canisters as we run through South City, without the gratification of making police officers look like cheap strippers.

Some things to note -
We will find some shiggy, there will be a turkey/eagle split, dogs and Lazy are invited.  And, finally and most importantly, the last time there was a Three Donkey Inch Style King trail, Shits Bricks drank the whole bottle of Jager and was found in the parking lot the next day with a condom in his ass.  Most people would look at this as a bad thing.  Being perpetual optimists, we responded with a high five for no STDs!  Because, past the age of 21, we all should get a high five for no STDs, but statistics say only two thirds of us actually rate one.  Who am I kidding?  There’s no way two thirds of you wanks are STD free.

Ambiguously Yours,
Donkey and Three Inch

Tilles Park, St. Louis, MO 63139
At the paved picnic table observation platform (Seriously, WTF is that thing called?)
Park near Sulphur and Fyler and look into the park.  Honestly, at that point if you can’t find circle, you’re probably going to die on trail anyway, so just go home.

On After:
5098 Arsenal
St. Louis, MO 63139


Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Nov 26th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Puke Halt & Just Stacy

Run 1215 +++-> Central West End

Celebrate Black Wednesday with Just Stacy and Puke Halt for a romp through the Central West End.

There will be a short Runners trail for the racists, and a Walkers trail if you prefer to look fancy!

Expect a "mystery shot" stop, a mystery halt, and a mild hangover for Thanksgiving.

Bring cash and a fake ID. This is mostly a Pub Crawl... we will briefly circle up at the beginning, but there will not be an end circle, so no hash cash will be collected.

Samuel Kennedy Park
near 4814 Washington Ave. 63108

Cranium light for the runners.
Walker/ wheel friendly.
Cash and ID on trail, definitely!

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