A Hare Shot

Big-Hump Hash House Harriers

of The Saint Louis Metro Area

Wednesday evenings & 2nd/4th Saturdays

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Breaking News!

Green Dress Run 2017!!!

Registration is wide open

Click HERE for all the info you need!

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Mar 22nd 2017 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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McPostage O'Tramp - GDR Prelube

Run 1393 +++-> Lafayette Square

Lafayette Park at Mississippi and Park
Beer Mile and a token trail for the weak of stomach.

After much nipple twisting from Dewey and the stubborn recovery of a vital limb, the GDR pre-lube trail will continue the newest tradition with a beer mile.
Beer mile will consist of one, two, or four hashers to be determined by libido, cup size, and level of inebriation.

Squires or Square One (also doubles as pre-lube)

GDR registration:
Last chance to register tonight

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Mar 25th 2017 +++-> Meet @ 12:00 away @ 12:30

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Run 1394 +++->

Big Humpís 17th Annual Green Dress Run!

Rego here: http://big-hump.com/GDR2017/

IMPORTANT: we must receive your payment within 3 days of your online rego, otherwise your order will be deleted and you will need to re-register (possibly at a higher price). No exceptions.



3:30-5:30 - CHECK IN at RED ROOF: at the BH4 Hash Hotel Room (it will be marked) - this is not a true a hashpitality suite, it's only a regular hotel room, so pick up your giveaway, grab a beer and GTFO.

5:30 - GLAZIERíS HALL:  shenanigans beginÖ lots of BEER & some other alcohol provided.

6:00-8:00 - REGULAR HASH TRAIL:  Hares: Beaner Wiener & Colorado Cocktease. Circle up in Glazier's parking lot.  If you cannot make trail, you can stay at Glazierís Hall.

8:00(ish) - DINNER at Glazierís Hall

8:30-12:00 - KARAOKE at Glazierís Hall

We MUST vacate Glazier's Hall by 12:00am


8:00am - LIGHT BREAKFAST in the BH4 Hash Hotel Room: bloody marys, mimosas and some munchies! GRAB & GO!  150 people can NOT fit in there, so grab something and GTFO.

11:30am - GDR TRAIL: Circle up in Glazier's parking lot. Hares: Locknut Monster & PMS. There will be Runnersí & Walkersí Trails with multiple Beer Stops. Heavy snacks provided.

5:00(ish) - Trail ends.  Return to Red Roof. Clean up, have sex in your room, and/or take a nap.

5:30 - GLAZIERíS HALL OPEN: more Beer & some other alcohol provided.

6:30 - DINNER at Glazierís Hall.

7:15(ish) - CIRCLE UP! inside Glazierís Hall

9:00-12:00 - LIVE MUSIC by KnifeHand!

We MUST vacate Glazierís Hall by 12:00am



8:00am - LIGHT BREAKFAST - same as Saturday breakfast.

11:00am - HANGOVER TRAIL - hosted by the St. Louis Hash House Harriers - Hares: Licks & Sticks and Splash Mount'em. Circle up in Red Roof parking lot.

Must check out of Hotel by 11:00am


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