A Hare Shot

Big-Hump Hash House Harriers

of The Saint Louis Metro Area

Wednesday evenings & 2nd/4th Saturdays

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Upcoming Runs & Events

HASHERS: To be added to the Big-Hump mailing list to receive weekly directions via e-mail, contact the Hareraiser
HARES: Please help your fellow hashers plan to attend your hash and get your venue info to the hare raiser well in advance of your event. Out-of-town visitors especially appreciate advance notice! Increased turnout at your hash is another bonus!
WANT TO HARE?To reserve a date to hare email Ice Princess at e-mail If you're new to hashing and you want to hare, feel free to ask someone that is an experienced hare to co-hare with you. You can check the Run Stats page to see who the experienced hares are, or you can ask the Hareraiser to help set you up with a co-hare. Don't be afraid to ask someone to co-hare with you that you don't know that well. What better way to get to know someone.

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 7th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Lampshade Hash - PMS & Eye Swallow

Run 1281 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Oct 10th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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Funny BoneHer, Ice Princess & Peru-vit I Don't..

Run 1282 +++-> Valley Park/Kirkwood

Circle up:
3320 Quinette Rd
Valley Park, MO 63088
Drive passed the golf range, all the way back to small lot by putt-putt golf

The Cards are in the playoffs and there are surely a plethora of other things to do on a Saturday... but your best option is to join Peru-vit I Donít Bolivia, Funny BoneHer and Ice Princess for a nice jaunt thru the Valley Park area. We will provide a Walkerís Trail for the non-racist, and a nice long trail for the enthusiastic runners.

What to expect:
Pavement, shiggy, moistness, Cards fans, and beer.

On After:
Fandango's Sports Bar & Grill
2940 Dougherty Ferry Rd, 63122

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 14th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Puke Halt & 59 Minutes

Run 1283 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 21st 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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TrAInWreCK & Goldicocks

Run 1284 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Oct 24th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 2:00 away @ 2:30

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2015 World Peace Through Beer Hash

Run 1285 +++-> Frankie TDTPE & Beaner Wiener


Join Frankie TDTPE & Beaner Wiener as they present another episode of 'World Peace Through Beer'. This inter-hashional event is celebrated by kennels worldwide to spread peace, love and (of course) legs! Plan on running a little and drinking a LOT!

For this year's celebration, we're inviting our amigos from St. Louis H3, Bell Scott H3, Vaj H3 and Tumbling Dice H3 as hash-bassadors to help us make this an international incident. If you've never WPTB-ed before...this is a do-not-miss event. DMB might even be heard exclaiming, "Et Ole WPTB-ing tarpeeksi kovaa!"

This trail is walker, roller and dog-friendly

What to bring:
  • ** $7 or a 6-pack of good, international beer
  • ** Wear something international...why not?!!
Steinberg Ice Rink in Forest Park


  • ** In lieu of hash cash, you can bring a 6-pack (or equivilant) of good, international beer. Or, just bring 7 Dollars American. (note: Wisconsin is still not a country!)
  • ** BRING A DRINKING VESSEL!! We'll be opening bottles and sharing beer & spirits from all over the world, so don't be left out.
  • ** If you bring a bottle opener, your popularity will skyrocket.


-- Francois le DTPE & Salchicha de Frijoles

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 28th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Locknut's Hash-o-ween

Run 1286 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Nov 4th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Purple Muffin Stuffin'

Run 1287 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Nov 11th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Go Gayhound

Run 1288 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Nov 14th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 3:00 away @ 3:30

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Dewey Sexual System

Run 1289 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Nov 18th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Greg LooseAnus

Run 1290 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Nov 25th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Stink Palm

Run 1291 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Nov 28th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 3:00 away @ 3:30

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Run 1292 +++->