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of The Saint Louis Metro Area

Wednesday evenings & 2nd/4th Saturdays

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HASHERS: To be added to the Big-Hump mailing list to receive weekly directions via e-mail, contact the Hareraiser
HARES: Please help your fellow hashers plan to attend your hash and get your venue info to the hare raiser well in advance of your event. Out-of-town visitors especially appreciate advance notice! Increased turnout at your hash is another bonus!
WANT TO HARE?To reserve a date to hare email Ice Princess at e-mail If you're new to hashing and you want to hare, feel free to ask someone that is an experienced hare to co-hare with you. You can check the Run Stats page to see who the experienced hares are, or you can ask the Hareraiser to help set you up with a co-hare. Don't be afraid to ask someone to co-hare with you that you don't know that well. What better way to get to know someone.

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Aug 23rd 2014 +++-> Meet @ 1:00 away @ 1:00

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Run 1195 +++-> Bird's Nest Lodge, Steelville, MO


If you signed up, this is what you get:

>   FOOD:  dinner Fri night, 3 meals on Sat, breakfast on Sun (& usually lunch after the Sun trail)

>  BEER:  never empty beer truck!! parked right next to the house

3 TRAILS:  Fri night, Sat night and Sun hangover hash

FLOAT TRIP: Sat morning/afternoon

Either a bed in the house (pay extra) or a place to pitch your tent

Hot Tub, Sand Volleyball, bonfires, fire jumping, bug bites, people bites, rabies shot when you get home.


SCHEDULE (this is a hash, so all times are subject to change)

FRIDAY 8/22:

Any time after 1:00pm: set up your tent, or find your spot in the house (if you paid for it)

Dinner at the house

Late nite Hash (token trail). PMS is haring.

Do My Butt's "Bungle Harder" Surprise Event



7:30am breakfast at the house

9:30am - pick-up for float, meet at campground

6 miles of floating down the Meramec River

Weenie roast on a riverbank

Find the take-out spot, stumble ashore

Clean yourselves up back at camp (please!)

7:00pm Dinner at the house

Hash trail

Bonfire jumping, hot tub lovin', tent raids


SUNDAY 8/24:


Noon-ish Hangover Hash

Never ending circle

Go home



Bird's Nest Lodge, 2356 Bass Rd., Cuba, MO 65453 http://www.birdsnestlodge.com/index.htm
Take I-44 west to the Cuba - exit #208 (approx. 1.5 hours from downtown STL). Turn on Hwy 19 South for 3 miles to Bird's Nest Road (look for On-On Arrow signs). Turn left on Bird's Nest Road (there's a big Canoe at this road). Continue 2 miles to Bird's Nest campground, look for old house. Do not park in the carport driveway, unless you are unloading. Campers pull in from the dirt road, grab an open camp spot.

Everyone must check-in at the campground office (it is further down the road from our spot). This MUST be done before floating, so please do this before 9:00am on Sat. They will have a list of attendees. If you're not signed in, they will not let you float.



At 9:30am on Saturday, buses will pick us up at the campground and take us to the river.  IF YOU MISS THE BUS, YOU MISS THE FLOAT. The float is 6 miles along the scenic upper Meramec River. We'll have a weenie roast on a gravel bar along the way. If you want more food on the river, bring it yourselves.

Big Hump cannot provide beer on the river, so you must BYOB on the river. However, glass containers are illegal on the river, so bring CANS or plastic for the float trip.

If you chose a raft, figure out who you're floating with (6-8 people) and put your drinks in 1 or 2 coolers per raft. Otherwise, it will be too crowded. Talk amongst yourselves.


CANNED beverages or a plastic jug of your favorite moonshine for the float trip

>  Drinking vessel


Lawn chair


Extra shoes

Bug Spray



Do not bring your dignity, because you are bound to lose it!

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Aug 27th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Stink Palm & Just Shelly

Run 1196 +++-> Post-Bungle Recovery Hash in St. Chuck

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 3rd 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1197 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 10th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1198 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Sep 13th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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OCD and Frankie TDTPE

Run 1199 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 17th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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The F@CKING Catholic School Girl Hash

Run 1200 +++-> Fake Bake F@ck, 2F@ck Canuck & F@ck Me Pumps

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 24th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1201 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Sep 27th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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$5$5$5 - HabitHash For Humanity

Run 1202 +++-> Spanish Lake (North County)

Do a Habitat For Humanity build in the morning (something like 8am-3pm), followed by a hash near the build site. Open to all whether you build in the day or not. Build spots are limited, so let $5$5$5 know if you want a spot on the crew. Come hammer & then get hammered!

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 1st 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1203 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 8th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1204 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Oct 11th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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GladHeAteHer's Hobo Hash

Run 1205 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 15th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1206 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 22nd 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1207 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Oct 25th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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World Peace Thru Beer

Run 1208 +++-> Beaner & Frankie

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Oct 29th 2014 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Locknut's Halloween Hash

Run 1209 +++->