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Wednesday evenings & 2nd/4th Saturdays

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HASHERS: To be added to the Big-Hump mailing list to receive weekly directions via e-mail, contact the Hareraiser
HARES: Please help your fellow hashers plan to attend your hash and get your venue info to the hare raiser well in advance of your event. Out-of-town visitors especially appreciate advance notice! Increased turnout at your hash is another bonus!
WANT TO HARE?To reserve a date to hare email Ice Princess at e-mail If you're new to hashing and you want to hare, feel free to ask someone that is an experienced hare to co-hare with you. You can check the Run Stats page to see who the experienced hares are, or you can ask the Hareraiser to help set you up with a co-hare. Don't be afraid to ask someone to co-hare with you that you don't know that well. What better way to get to know someone.

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Aug 5th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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How Do You Like My Pussy Pants NOW?!?

Run 1268 +++-> Bungle Pre-Lube at the Venice Cafe

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Aug 8th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 12:00 away @ 12:00

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Run 1269 +++-> Steelville, MO

REGO CLOSES on 8/1/15!!

Register here:    http://www.big-hump.com/Bungle2015.php    
If you're registering for multiple people, you must register each attendee individually by adding each registration to your "Bag" separately.  


     FOOD: dinner Fri night, 3 meals on Sat and breakfast on Sun (and usually a lunch after the Sun trail)

     BEER: the ever-popular, never-empty, ice-cold beer trailer!

     TRAILS: Fri night, Sat night and Sun hangover hash

     FLOAT TRIP: Sat morning/afternoon (you can choose canoe or raft)

     GIVEAWAYS: some Big Hump goodies to help remember the weekend

     Great camping and jungle hashing with all your buds

     Either a bed in the house or a place to pitch your tent

     Hot Tub

     Sand Volleyball

     Bon Fires, bug bites, people bites, rabies shot when you get home.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: (this is a hash, so all times are subject to change)



     Set up your tent at your convenience any time after 1:00pm

     7:00pm - Dinner at the house

     Late nite Hash (token trail)


     Breakfast around 8:00am

     9:30am - Bus pick-up for float.  YOU MISS THE BUS, YOU MISS THE FLOAT!

     6 miles of floating down the Meramec River

     Weenie Roast Lunch on the riverbank

     Find the take-out spot, stumble ashore

     Clean yourselves up (please!)

     Dinner at the house

     Hash trail

     Bonfire jumping, hot tub lovin' tent raids



     Noon-ish Hangover Hash

     The never ending circle


Must rego by 7/19/15 to get the giveaway!
Rego closes on 8/1/15!

In the House
$132 - All inclusive!!! (Cabin, Floating, Hashing & Giveaways)
$112 - no Float Trip (Cabin, Hashing & Giveaways)

$107 - All inclusive!!! (Camping, Floating, Hashing & Giveaways)
$87 - no Float Trip (Camping, Hashing & Giveaways)

Sat. Floating and Dinner only
$37 - Floating and Dinner only (No Camping, No Giveaway)

***** Registration closes 8/1/15! *****

No Refunds. You'll need to transfer or sell your Rego to another hasher.


This year, you get to choose between a Raft or a Canoe.  The Rafts must accommodate 6-8 people.  And there must be two people in each canoe.

Sat morning, the bus will pick up our hungover sorry asses at the campsite at 9:30am and we'll put in the water at 10:00.  IF YOU MISS THE BUS, YOU MISS THE FLOAT.  The float is 6 miles along the scenic upper Meramec River. We'll have a weenie roast on a gravel bar along the way.  If you want more food on the river, bring it yourselves.

For logistical reasons Big Hump cannot provide beer on the river, so you must BYOB on the river.
Note: Glass containers are illegal on the river, bring CANS for the float trip.



Only room for 18 people in the house, and it is first cum, first served (first 18 people to PAY for a spot). Bring your own bedding. The house is air conditioned with 2 bathrooms. There are 7 bedrooms with mostly 2 or 3 beds in each room and one fold-out couch that sleeps 2.  All but one bed are double beds. One bed is a bunk bed that sleeps two on the bottom bunk and one on the top bunk.  NOTE: nobody gets a double bed alone, and keep in mind that shower / toilet facilities for our campground are IN the house.  In other words, if you're looking for privacy, pack your tent!

The following people are staying in the house (in case you need to find a bunk partner):

  1.  Lack of Oxygen
  2.  Extenze for Menz
  3.  Nurse Hashshit
  4.  Lazy Ass
  5.  Hoosier Daddy
  6.  PMS
  7.  Postage
  8.  Lord Vagamort
  9.  Just Sarah
  10.  Low Profile
  11.  Just Kelcie
  12.  Just Mario



Bird's Nest, is at 2365 Bass Rd., Cuba, MO 65453
Take I-44 west to the Cuba - exit #208 (approx. 1 1/2 hours from downtown STL). Turn on Hwy 19 South for 3 miles to Bird's Nest Road (look for On-On Arrow signs). Turn left on Bird's Nest Road (there's a big Canoe at this road). Continue 2 miles to Bird's Nest campground, look for old house. Do not park in the carport driveway, unless you are unloading. Campers pull in from the dirt road, grab an open camp spot.
Everyone must check-in at the Campground office (it is further down the road from our campground). This MUST be done before floating Saturday morning, so please do this before 9:00am on Sat. They will have a list of attendees. If you're not signed in, they will not let you in a canoe/raft/kayak/innertube.



       Your own CANNED beverages for the float trip


       Lawn chair


       Extra shoes

       Bug Spray



       Do not bring your dignity, because you are bound to lose it!



(liquor store and a grocery store in Cuba, less than 6 miles away)

Warehouse Liquors (573-885-WINE): South Hwy 19 & Spencer (108 W. Spencer Ave., Cuba, MO 65453). They said if you have any special needs / requests for beer or liquor, please call ahead, let them know, and they will try to accommodate. Hours: Fri & Sat 7am to 12pm and Sun 9am to 6 pm

Mace Supermarket (573-885-6223): 200 N. Franklin St. , Cuba, MO 65453. Hours: Fri & Sat 6:30am to 10pm and Sun 6:30am to 9pm



Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Aug 12th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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PMS (shhhh.... it's her birthday)

Run 1270 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Aug 19th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Puke Halt/I Can't Believe it's not Buttlick Spray

Run 1271 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Aug 22nd 2015 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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$5$5$5's Annual HabitHash

Run 1272 +++-> Carondelet neighborhood

This year’s annual HabitHash will be in the Carondelet neighborhood, with a trail near there too.

More details to cum later from $5, $5, $5....


Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Aug 26th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Dewey & IHOP

Run 1273 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 2nd 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1274 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 9th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1275 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Sep 12th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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Run 1276 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 16th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Catholic School Girl (Headlights & Puke Halt)

Run 1277 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 23rd 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1278 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Sep 26th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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Run 1279 +++->

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 30th 2015 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Run 1280 +++->