A Hare Shot

Big-HumpHash House Harriers

of The Saint Louis Metro Area

Wednesday evenings & 2nd/4th Saturdays

0 days 0 hours until Bungle in the Jungle! Aug-17-2013

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Clinking Glasses
Clinking Glasses

GM: Locknut Monster - locknut@big-hump.com - 314-412-1893

Religious Advisor: Disco Ass - mfingerhut@yahoo.com- 636-328-7041
Religious Advisor: Postage Tramp - postagetramp@big-hump.com- 314-761-1784
Religious Advisor: PMS - pms@big-hump.com- 314-221-5411
Religious Advisor: Stink Palm - stinky@big-hump.com-
Religious Advisor: Fake Bake Fuck - fbf@big-hump.com-636-233-1423
Religious Advisor: Free Mustache Rides - mustache@big-hump.com

Webmeister: PMS - pms@big-hump.com-314-221-5411
Co-Webmeister: Lazy Ass -

Hare Raiser: Dewey Sexual System - hareraiser@big-hump.com-618-795=5305

Hash Cash: Shits Bricks - shits.bricks@big-hump.com-314-225-9906
Back-up Hash Cash: Dewey Sexual System - dewey@big-hump.com-618-795-5305

Haberdasher: Purdy Mouth -purdy@big-hump.com- 314-486-9660

Beermeister: Purdy Mouth -  purdy@big-hump.com- 314-486-9660
Beermeister: Dewey Sexual System - dewey@big-hump.com-618-795-5305
Beermeister: 59 Minutes Left, Wanna Talk? - 59minutes@big-hump.com- -
Beermeister: Tats, Snatch & Ass - rosiealsmith@yahoo.com-314-489-5006
Beermeister: Garage a Trois garage@big-hump.com- 314-497-4033
Beermeister: (Summer) OCD ocd@big-hump.com

Other Non-Mismanagement Positions within the Big Hump Hash:

Alternate Religious Advisor: 5 Bucks, 5 Bucks, 5 Bucks - 5bucks@big-hump.com- 314-707-7622
Alternate Religious Advisor: Purdy Mouth - purdy@big-hump.com- 314-486-9660

Hash Flash: Ice Princess -  aohanlon6@msn.com- 314-393-8316
Hash Flash: Purdy Mouth -  purdy@big-hump.com- 314-486-9660

Haberdasher Of Counsel: Pees Like a Princess -  princess@big-hump.com- 618-581-3224
Haberdasher Of Counsel: Do My Butt -  soozin76@yahoo.com- 314-825-8483

Hash Harlot: BJ & The Bear - 

Significant Runs Report  Significant Runs Report

5/24/10 Minutes

Grand Master (GM)  
Everyone knows the GM does nothing, some of the things that the GM doesn’t do:

Religious Advisor (RA)

Hare Raiser


Web Meister

Beer Meister


Hash Cash

Hash Cash Backup

Hash Flash